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Subject: Cealtec and International Stage Lines Sign Engine Test Agreement
(Posted on Feb 19, 2013 at 11:58AM by Media Manager)

Cealtec and International Stage Lines Sign Engine Test Agreement

February 19, 2013 - Cealtec Products Inc. (CEALTEC) of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada is pleased to announce that as a result of discussions with International Stage Lines Inc. (ISL) President, George Pullman and Vice President, Bob Myhre, they have entered into a formal agreement with ISL of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada to jointly perform a series of tests relating to improving engine performance and reducing fuel consumption.

Each bus and coach engine will receive a CealDoctor™ nanotechnology based particle treatment for delivery to the cylinder walls and pistons using existing crankcase engine oil as the carrier. The nano particles will help to heal the damaged and worn areas of the test engines. The test protocol and management of the project will be controlled over a 90 day period by Mr. Oh, Fleet Maintenance Manager and Heather Leslie, Operations Manager at ISL, with the assistance of Cealtec management. www.cealdoctor.com

About International Stage Lines Inc. (ISL)

International Stage Lines is the Premier Charter Motorcoach company in the Pacific Northwest. You will love the luxury of their fleet of deluxe extra wide MCI highway coaches. ISL is committed to innovation in the waste of energy and BioEnergy solutions. They operate a fleet of 40 coaches and 3 smaller buses, in a variety of seating capacities. They are a private charter motorcoach operator, and can custom design their services to meet the demands of any groups. ISL’s dispatch office and maintenance facility is located in Richmond, British Columbia making them an ideal choice for large events and shuttles. ISL is also able to arrange service throughout Western Canada for charters through the Canadian Rockies, as well as transfers to Seatac Airport. www.islbus.com  

About Cealtec Products Inc. (Cealtec) and CealDoctor

Cealtec™ located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada is a privately held company with exclusive worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights for all CealDoctor™ Nanotechnology Self-healing Engine Treatments. Our advanced healing products have been designed at the nanotechnology level and are formulated to treat most types of fossil fueled engines and power plants that require long lasting internal cures from damage caused from wear and foreign particle damage. Minor cracks and other types of engine wear can be healed in many situations to restore original performance. The treatment is permanent.

CealDoctorSelf-healing Engine Treatment can be used in almost any type of reciprocating fossil fueled, combustion engine in motorcycle, vehicle, industrial equipment, rail and marine applications. Metal nano powders are used to recover the damaged areas of the engines cylinder walls and rings because the parts of the engine are being targeted are metal. This is achieved using characteristics of +/- charge and self-assembly, pressure and heat.

Conventional engine treatments are made with Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2), graphite and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)— ingredients that easily degrade in high temperature environments, leading to frequent applications. CealDoctor™ Copper-Nickel (Cu-Ni) alloy particles bond into the micro pours, damaged and worn areas to create a permanent heal and do not oxidize under the high temperatures. This means that frequent re-application is not necessary. CealDoctor™ can improve engine performance in the following areas:

 Reduces harmful CO2 Emissions

 Contributes to passing government emissions testing

 Reduces oil consumption

 Extends the life cycle of many engines

Reduces smoke

 Improves engine power

 Improves fuel economy

 Reduces noise and vibration

 Reduces oil consumption

 Reduces maintenance costs

Issued by: Barry Good, President & CEO Cealtec Products Inc.

                  ir@cealtec.com Toll Free Call 1-888-838-8818

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