We will do our part to protect planet Earth. We will make an effort to educate ourselves and others about environmental issues and strive to provide solutions. We will lend a hand to the environment by offering new and innovative approaches and products to reduce Green House Gas Emissions (GHG).

We will work with our industry partners to enable and support them to become leaders in their own industries by taking iniatves to identify and use readily available technology to make their work environments and
the World a Better Place to Live by conserving energy and protecting air and water quality.

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Subject: Global CCS Institute Status on the Envirnment
(Posted on Aug 2, 2012 at 11:47AM by Media Manager)

The Global CCS Institute accelerates the adoption of carbon capture and storage (CCS),
a key solution in mitigating climate change and providing energy security.

The Institute advocates for CCS as one of the options required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, both from power generation and industrial sources. It shares information from its international Membership, while building capacity to ensure that CCS can become a widely-used technology as quickly as possible.

The Institute brings together projects, policy-makers and researchers to overcome challenges facing CCS. From there, it creates channels through which to learn from each other, ensuring a smooth and rapid roll-out of this important technology.


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