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We will work with our industry partners to enable and support them to become leaders in their own industries by taking iniatves to identify and use readily available technology to make their work environments and
the World a Better Place to Live by conserving energy and protecting air and water quality.

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Subject: Future Bright for Energy and Environment
(Posted on Nov 8, 2012 at 10:38AM by Media Manager)

Energy and Climate Change Initiatives

in the US Show Bright Future

During the 2012 US election President Obama promoted an America dependent on a diverse energy portfolio, rather than the volatile global oil market. How will his reelection affect energy self-sufficiency?

In his victory speech Wednesday morning, President Obama offered a glimpse of an America "that isn't threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet," served by elected officials who work across the aisle to "relieve the country from foreign oil dependency".

This tight election was a cause for considerable concern across North America and it was beneficial to see President Obama address the global warming issue in his speech, however, it gives analysts and industry insiders enough to speculate over in what the 44th President's second term holds for oil, gas and renewables.

With environmental advocates and support back in place, it gives many climate change activists and real environmental initiatives like the "Fleet Gone Green Program" hope and a chance to succeed.  Many people were overly frustrated with the candidates from both parties who refused to address the critical issues that deserved foremost attention across the Globe.

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