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Subject: Governors Fed Up over US Congress Inaction
(Posted on Jan 4, 2013 at 06:25PM by Media Manager)

Joint Statement From Governors Christie and Cuomo Regarding Initial Action on Disaster Aid Bill
This Is Why People Hate Washington DC

Governor Christie Selects Two Well-Qualified Candidates for New Jersey Supreme Court

Trenton, NJ - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo released the following statement regarding today's critical vote by the House of Representatives:

"Today's action by the House was a necessary and critical first step towards delivering aid to the people of New Jersey and New York. While we are pleased with this progress, today was just a down payment and it is now time to go even further and pass the final and more complete, clean disaster aid bill. We are trusting Congress to act accordingly on January 15th and pass the final $51 billion instrumental for long-term rebuilding in order for New Jersey, New York and our people to recover after the severe devastation of Hurricane Sandy."

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