Cealdoctor™ is an “engine healing product” that conducts a scientific repair to worn gasoline and diesel engines. The very harsh environment of combustion chambers, together with the high temperatures and friction between piston rings and cylinder walls results in continuous wear. This wear, takes place while the engine is running and under load and accumulates, meaning clearances gradually enlarge, resulting in the gradual loss of compression.

Fuel consumption goes up; emissions increase and crankcase oils are more quickly contaminated with dirt, soot, and unburned fuel. This engine wear condition not only lowers compression but increases emissions and worsens fuel consumption. Cealdoctor™ is a leading edge, scientifically designed and patented NANO technology where Copper/Nickel particles, 100 times smaller than a red blood corpuscle are suspended in a 200 ml quantity of motor oil.

These particles have a strong affinity for the metal of piston rings and cylinder walls and together with the operating temperatures and pressures of the running engine environment, “heal” the worn areas. This results in improved compression, improved combustion and lower emissions. Improved fuel economy and longer lasting crankcase oil are significant benefits also.

Because Cealdoctor™ is designed to “heal” worn engines; it has to contend with a wide range of worn conditions, therefore making it difficult to be specific about results. It has been proven however, that Cealdoctor™ has restored compression between 5% – 15% in 99% of the engines it has been applied to.

The product is guaranteed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications in that the nano sized particles are in the range of 5 - 10 nm in diameter (An “nm” is 1,000 times smaller than one micron). The particles are Copper/Nickel alloy and that the ratio of Cu/Ni nano powder to 200 mls of engine oil are exact. When applied correctly as per the manufacturers specifications, the product is guaranteed not to cause clotting of the oil filter.

The volume of Cealdoctor™ to crankcase oil capacity has been determined and extensively tested.

To achieve the best results, have the engine to be treated examined by a mechanic to establish that it is only worn and not containing broken or burnt parts; have a compression test done to best determine this. Follow the installation instructions after performing a complete oil and filter change.