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Subject: Desk Top Nano Powder Production Now a Reality
(Posted on Aug 2, 2012 at 08:52AM by Media Manager)


Nano Powder Canada was established in September 2010 with a mission to become a leading distributor and manufacturer of high quality Nano Metal Powders & Ceramic Fibres as well as supplying advanced Pulsed Wire Evaporation (PWE) manufacturing and Compaction Plants for the production of Nano materials. Various R&D projects and industries related to this Nano Technology have been developed and production of several new Advanced Leading Edge products has evolved as result;

- Pulsed Wire Evaporation (PWE) System to produce Nano Powder
- Magnetic Pulsed Compaction (MPC) System to compact Nano Powder
- Metal/Ceramic Nano Powders : Al, Cu, Fe, Ag, Sn, W, Zn, Cu-Ni Alloy, CuO, ZnO, SnO2
- Nano Fibers : Al2O3, Fe2O3

The Portable Desktop Nano Particle Collid Maker is now available to educational and reasearch centre around the globe.


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