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Subject: Blueprint Nanotechnology
(Posted on Sep 18, 2012 at 11:53AM by Media Manager)

Cealtec Products Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of it's Blueprint Nanotechnology™ Program to repair and heal reciprocating fossil fueled engines and power plants of all sizes. From small engines to ships and locomotive applications we can deliver positive results in every industry sector.

Blueprint Nanotechnology™ has its core in nano particles that can seamlessly locate and fill micro pours, damaged and worn areas in the cylinder housing, walls and piston rings to create a more efficient and tighter nano-on-nano tolerance. The result is improved engine performance, lower fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs. Blueprint Nanotechnology ™is delivered with a revolutionary and advanced  nanotechnology called CealDoctor Self-healing Treatments and will extend the life cycle of an engine and/or power plant.

Unlike the snake oils and PTFE lubricants and additives of the world, our nano particles contained within the CealDoctor™ product are like DNA sized ball bearings that align themselves in the worn and damaged areas, micro pores and machined areas of the cylinders and piston rings using self-aligning +/- charge, pressure and heat to form a polished nano-on-nano tolerance. This revolutionary process creates a permanent heal on the metal surface of the cylinder sleeves and piston rings and significantly improves the overall performance of an engine.

Blueprint Nanotechnology is an advanced engine repair technology that is delivered to an engine via oil (the carrier) but it is the nanotechnology that is important, not the oil. Blueprint Nanotechnology™ is delivered to an engine using any approved SAE, OEM, API, ACEA, ASTM, JASO, ILSAC motor oil.

Visit our website at www.blueprintnanotechnology.com

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